Your Questions About Ed Sheeran Songs

David asks…

Where can I get strumming patterns for not so popular songs?

Hi! Basically, I’m finding it hard to find strumming patterns to songs that are not as popular. Such as the Ed Sheeran songs which are not as known, and joe brooks. Could anyone link me to something they use apart from youtube?Also what songs would you suggest for a beginner?

Newsster Newt answers:

Dude go to: – Should help, also look up tablature for songs on or

Ken asks…

What is every single Ed Sheeran song?

I need to know every single Ed Sheeran song there is. Does he only have that one album or is there more? And what about some of his famous covers that he has done if he has any?

Newsster Newt answers:

He has a lot of not very popular songs and I’m guessing that’s what you mean. He has
• “+” album
Extras include:
•Cold Coffee
•One Night
Also, there’s a deluxe version of “+”:
•Autumn Leaves
•Gold Rush
He has done a cover of “Chasing Cars” with Snow Patrol’s Gary Lightbody but it’s not very common. It was at the iTunes Festival.
I hope I didn’t forget any! I’m typing this on my phone from the top of my head!

Sandra asks…

What type of guitar does ed sheeran use, and can anyone send me a link to the price?

I play guitar and i love ed sheeran‘s songs, they have so much meaning :)

Newsster Newt answers:

Martin & co guitar, they are pricey, but heres the link

Nancy asks…

How to get the bonus songs on the ed sheeran album?

I got the Ed Sheeran album, and it says that when you put them onto your computer, you get bonus tracks. But how do you do it? I have put it onto Itunes, but I have not got them?

Newsster Newt answers:

I got his album i didn’t get them either. But you have to have the delux edition. If you got that then i don’t know.

But here are the bonus tracks anywayz.

Autumn leaves –
Little bird –
Gold rush –
Sunburn –

Donald asks…

What Piano Grades are Ed Sheerans songs?

I’m thinking about playing some Ed Sheeran songs for my school exams, but they need to be of level Grade 3. What levels are his songs? :) thanks! <3

Newsster Newt answers:

They are not classical and so do not have a grade level.

Laura asks…

What songs have grime artists in them with Ed Sheeran?

Now i don’t mind Ed Sheeran , but almost all of the grime artists like pmoney are lyrical genius , i want all of the songs with the proper emotional hard core rap in it.

Anyone know what album there on? or a list maybe?

Newsster Newt answers:

He recently released a song called You Don’t Know (For Fuck Sake) and it’s both Ed Sheeran and Yelawofl. I totally recommend it, I love it.

They have an EP out soon called The Slumdon Bridge. You should maybe consider getting it

Donna asks…

What is a good piano website for Ed sheeran??!!?

I am trying to learn how to play ALL of Ed sheerans songs on the piano but I can’t find a good website. I can’t read notes very well so I was wondering if I could find find a site that has them for you like( c d e f g a b c) . I really need help on this! Thank you .

Newsster Newt answers:

Welcome to the classical music section (Bach, Beethoven, Mozart, etc). I like Ed Sheeran, but he’s not a classical musician. Try in ‘Rock and Pop’.

I am afraid you will it difficult to find ‘letters’. In any case, merely having a string of letters tells you nothing about how to play the music. Even if I just give you ‘A’ – how do you know which ‘A’ to play? How do you know how long the notes are? Or how loud they are? Or what harmony is needed? Or what rhythm is required? How do you know if a note is higher or lower than the previous one? You can’t tell any of these things. That’s what musical notation is for.

You really should learn to read music. It’s not that difficult (very young children can do it – therefore, so can you). Once you have mastered this small task (and it’s a LOT easier than learning to read and write), you will have the whole musical world at your fingertips.

Finally, be prepared to PAY for Ed Sheeran’s music because, as living, breathing musician, he needs money to pay his bills.

Mark asks…

What are some good artists like ed sheeran/ john mayer?

Im looking for some good artists that do acoustic/ chilled/ meaningful slower songs, artists or albums and im going more along the lines of ed sheeran john mayer boy and bear. If you have any suggestions id be happy to hear from you :)

Newsster Newt answers:

Check out Ray Lamontagne. Amos Lee. Hell look into some old ray charles, otis redding, sam cooke. Give em a chance theyre great. Not along the same lines but chill and meaningful plus soul. Check out death cab for cutie and maybe some matt turner. Jist kidding thats me.. But my music is pretty awesome ;) go for the foo fighters acoustic stuff and see what you think about thom yorkes album” eraser” these are eclectic suggestions but a number of them fit well within the perameters of your request. Good luck.. Try pandora and i heart radio in the future. Youll find new artists you like quick just by making a station for ed sheeran and john mayer. Simple

Lisa asks…

Do you know any really easy songs for beginner guitarists?

I need a song like daydreamer by Adele, I like music by Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift and Florence and the Machine. Do you recommend any songs?

Newsster Newt answers:

Go to they have tabs and chord charts for just about every song :P

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